Virtual Facility offers a multi-modular suite of building intelligence solutions. Implement them as standalones or together to create a high-value, low-cost centralized system.


Recapture your true costs.
Empower your tenants.
Plan for future investments.
  • Accurately track and automatically calculate the true costs of providing all utilities beyond electricity
  • Recapture previously unbilled utility-related operational costs
  • Accurately determine billing rates based on aggregation of all plant and utility performance and consumption data
  • Reserve funds for future investments
  • Streamline administrative workflow
  • Find billing anomalies, wasteful consumption patterns and mitigate costly mistakes
  • Improve tenant experience by providing access to their energy management data
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Alarm Management System

Collect, prioritize and automatically respond to every alarm from all of your buildings and control systems in one centralized location.
  • Reduce alarm load by 70% by eliminating nuisance alarms
  • Understand alarm dependencies
  • Optimize operations by leveraging alarm history
  • Generate automatic work orders directly from an alarm
  • Streamline response time from hours to minutes
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Asset Management

Document and track all assets. Easily find and share key information.
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