Institutional facilities must manage complex operations – cohesively, effectively, efficiently.

When important operational data is decentralized, it is difficult to find and time consuming to leverage.

Managers and staff are spread thin. Vendors and consultants are here – then gone. Actionable intel is all too often lost.

Inefficiency can ensue; creating chain reactions that put your operations into a reactionary mode that takes up time and human capital and imposes unnecessary risks.

There is a better way.


Virtual Facility is the only comprehensive, building intelligence system that points you in the right direction in one easy to manage location.
Cloud-based. Machine learning powered. Virtual Facility helps you:
  • Centrally store, relate, analyze and manage all of your facility’s operational data in one system.
  • Get deep and continued actionable intelligence about your building’s operation.
  • Streamline your operations.
  • Reduce energy consumption and consultant dependencies.
  • Optimize the deployment of human and capital resources.
  • Avoid costly mistakes, correct billing rates and fund future investments.

Above All

Virtual Facility empowers you and your staff with insightful data that prioritizes and plots an immediate course of action. Save time, money and reduce your operational risks. In real-time.
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